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"Pull Up"

A mobile studio experience right at your door!

What is a Pull Up?

A: An on-location studio-style headshot session with an assortment of digital backdrops. Lights, backdrop, and if needed, a tent, are set up and brought to you as a dedicated photo booth station.

Why use a Pull Up?

A: It's the convenience of a studio session delivered to you. Not only do we photograph the participants of your event, but we can also include logos, banners, and other graphics to commenorate your brand. Great for showcasing uniforms, birthdays, school events, and any other type of gatherings, the photo station alone can attract more people to your event!  



With banner and logo included!

Without a banner and logo included!

Book your session!

Unlimited Poses packages are available as well as *al carte photos


*(Multiple participants are needed, session fee of $95 must be paid in full.)

An assortment of backgrounds

Background (226).jpg


Background (261).jpg
Background (163).jpg
Background (256).jpg



Smoke Gray

All the above are available, plus many more!!!

Click on the photo above to see the

PAL Raiders 12U "Pull Up" gallery


Submit a request and secure your date!



Bring your smile!



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